3ce Pore silky balm review : high moist primer balm

I brought 3ce Pore silky balm review to you girls. These days i have been focusing on 3ce’s facial make-up products. I thought it could be a great idea to introduce you a full coverage which 3ce offers you with this kind-a-series. We have reviewed about ‘Glossing Waterful Foundation(http://www.nandawears.com/3ce-glossing-waterful-foundation/)’ & ‘Nursing cream(http://www.nandawears.com/3ce-nursing-cream/)’, which has a different type of skin coverage and moisturizing. This type much more thick and matt feeling balm has another type of attraction which will make your make-up much perfect.





As it describes itself, 3ce Pore silky balm is a moist primer balm that covers up your pores and smoothens our your skin. Its moisturizing and soft touch will calm your skin evenly so your make-up will last longer. And what I can see is its matt and thick texture of this balm. It is good to have a thick primer to put in on your face before applying foundation on your face(you should know that). We will talk about its effect later on.





Stylenanda 3ce has launched this pore silky balm primer last year spring and it became a 3ce’s steady-seller. A lot of customers have commented on their online mall’s board its effective coverage. Actually they made a pore coverage test with fruits with similar skins with pores:



Okey, this test was funny. First they applied pore silky balm on the one side of the orange and left other without balm. It is a preparation for foundation applying, in order to fill out and cover your pores to smoothen your skin. It allows your skin to absorb more foundation and make your make up much perfect.




So here is the introduction to use pore silky balm properly:

1.Before you put on the make-up, scoop out a small amount using a built-in spatula on the back of your hand.
2.Rub it and melt it a little, and apply on concerned areas with wide pores. Proceed to base make-up. (Be careful not to apply too much because you may need hard work applying on your make-up spreading the balm equally.
3.You can also use a puff to apply, it is easier to fix your make-up.






I brought a korean bloggers’ posting(http://blog.naver.com/mimi880808) here. This is an actual review from her after buying 3 concept eyes pore silky balm. I have translated what she wrote on her blog commenting this balm:




The pouch comes in paper case, come with manual printed in a same case, As it is described, comes with inner plastic cover inside. The spatula(or scoop) comes together inside.




She applied pore silky balm in her face and shows its difference before and after. You can check that pores around a nose are covered with balm. now you’re ready to use your foundation or cream to give more glossy texture to your skin.

Here above I brought it from different blog( http://prettycreat.blog.me/90132310254), she has showed on her forehead to show us the difference:



The big difference we can figure out is not the gloss (actually glossy texture can be measured with this photos, as the light and brightness are different), but you can check how pore silky balm has cover your skin and equaled the skin color tone.


If you want to check more information about the 3ce pore silky balm, or to purchase from worldwide, you can go directly to stylenanda page: http://bit.ly/19U8YmX

I hope you enjoyed this posting. Hope to see you soon with other item!


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3ce Nursing Cream Review, a balm type cream high moisturizer

3ce launched this nursing cream with one great motivation: this cream in balm type, deep in nutrition and highly moisturizing. They recommend to apply it before make-up to get a highly most and glossy looking skin. I always wanted to introduce this item, most famous in South Korea. If you have very dry skin, this 3ce nursing cream should be the best option for you.



3ce nursing cream describes itself: contains argan oil, olive oil and palm tree seed butter extracted from murumuru trees grown in clean areas. All together they create a moisturizing layer on your skin. Especially recommended to people who have dried skin, or whose skin easily dried out. It is also recommended to people who wants extra glossing on a make-up.


20131030-06 20131030-07

This nursing cream  for very dry skin ingredients 100% certified from Eco-friendly Ingredient used Certified from ECO CERT. No preservatives, no artificial coloring, no artificial scent. (ECOCERT is an worldwide organic certification organization, primarily certifies food and food products, but also certifies cosmetics, detergents, and textiles)


And these are the examples on uses in stylenanda.com. You can see the difference between raw hand and other hand with cream applied. It is clear to see that nursing cream moisturize perfectly, and it would be great for people with dry skin. Above, I brought a visual instructions about how to use this nursing cream. When you buy this cream, 3ce gives you a scoop to pour cream out.




This nursing cream review i brought it from korean blog(http://blog.naver.com/wjddk0820), had bought actual product from Stylenanda Jamsil Lotte department store,  and photographed the box opening at her home. So you can see the real photo took from real customer, which you might be very interested.


 The only disadvantage with 3ce’s glossing waterful foundation was the narrow mouth. Too difficult to pour it out. But this product has solved this problem in simple way: making big open mouth.  great to use a scoop to spoon the cream. Stylenanda has recommended a combination to make-up with this nursing cream and some previously reviewed products such as glossing waterful.




Stylenanda calls ‘3 step natural glossing skin’ , to use 3 products in steps. First step is to use the facial oil called Enrich Treatment Face oil on a face to calm your skin after washing and applying essence. and then you can this nursing cream with glossing waterful foundation to start your make up. I understand this could be the Stylenanda’s best offer from now on for our base make-up.

You can find more detailed photographs and information at Stylenanda: (http://en.stylenanda.com/), or directly click the images to go to product page.




3ce – Glossing Waterful Foundation : Basic cosmetic item to have! (w/ review)

After a year after launching 3ce, customers finally can meet a hundred of choices to purchase. But obviously, there was a best, and both steady seller item which satisfied lots of Stylenanda & 3ce fans which is : GLOSSING WATERFUL FOUNDATION. Launched in 2012, and still ㅡmost sold in 3ce.




 3 Concept Eyes’ Glossing waterful foundation a gel containing high level of moist, and it blends easily with your skin with no caked on effect and gives you a glossy, healthy looking face that is absolutely flawless.


There are 4 colors: Naturally Ivory, Soft beige, Milk Ivory, and Nude Beige, can be devided into two group of tone. For cool tone skin, you got left two one and for warm tone skin you can choose right ones.

First you should shake the bottle and mix well before using the foundation.

2. Apply small amount on wide areas first and spread it outwards.

3. You can get more gloss by applying nursing cream before foundation. This look is highly moist, we do not recommend use of powders.


20131029-04Few tips to shre: Due to its light texture, it can’t cover up your flaws and blemishes perfectly like other THICK foundations. This may act as a negative factor when you purchase, but remember that natural and light make-up is the key for younger and healthier skin!

If you are worried about blemishes, you can have natural base make-up or cover with concealer to avoid applying too much foundation!




From here, I brought a korean blogger(http://blog.naver.com/onlysyes)’s Glossing waterful Foundation real test review. She has applied it her skin herself and took a photo to make a fair critic. I hope you enjoy her works. To make it clear, I do not own any of these photos, and all copyrights belongs to her.


 It shows high light is this liquid foundation. Instead of being too thick and heavy, stylenanda’s Glossing Waterful Foundation is quiet light as it looks like in photograph. She said it was quiet oily enough to put on a skin.


 These are processes to show how it looks like after applying. It is devided with purple line, how it differs between before & after using the foundation.



Stylenanda has mentioned about its flaw and blemishes coverage. As what stylenanda said, it isn’t thick enought to cover those flaws on our facial skin. But what we should know that this liquid foundation allows satisfying gloss on our skin, so choice is yours.

You can visit to stylenanda’s 3ce mall directly with this URL : http://bit.ly/HpPr4H



F/W in Stylenanda: Side-zip up Ankle Booties


Side-zip up Ankle Booties  //  Black, 230 to 250 // Sale Price : $51,52



Long time no see. I brought a brand new shoes made by stylenanda. Korea is getting cold as winter is coming soon, Stylenanda is ready to launch 2013 F/W items to you. This Side-zip up Ankle booties are the one of those items that i love to introduce you.  Quiet classy and fancy item which you can coordinate both with jeans or dress.



As you can see, Lots of black leather boots are coming up these days but I choose one which is my favorite:




 This classy boots combines great with any kind of wears, but creating a same Classy mood. Very simple design without shoelaces, it has a side zipper. Plain but pointy sewing at the middle toe, very cuty though.


Sora Park has combined with very vintage fashion; And I think it is one of many options. Coordinated with black leather jacket and skinny black leggings maybe a good combination with this classy boots. Here I brought detailed photo above. Enjoy it:

20131028-05 20131028-06 20131028-07 20131028-08

3ce – Jumbo Lip Crayon : 12 unique colors of choice


 One of newest and bestseller of 3ce lines. jumbo lip crayon. It is a lipstick with smooth glide feeling, having a lip balm moisturized-like finish over. It has 12 unique colors which represent stylenanda’s style : This crayon can be used as a lip liner and lipstick as well. You can use the color of your choice to create a bold and beautiful lip makeup.



 Each 12 colors have its unique name to call: and it is differed with its color and tone level.



 The case is simple. Black paper box with 3ce logo fitted to crayon, making it available to maintain a reasonable price. From now on we got photographs of model’s using crayon.




What 3ce Jumbo lip crayon appeals to customer is their color brightness on their uses. Also this variety of color allow full arrange of choice to buy. But it may not be important aspect to the mentioned item, but what I really appreciate Stylenanda is that they care customer’s needs. Stylenanda has their own sharpener for crayon called: 3ce dual sharpener, for free.





I brought some korean bloggers’ photographs here above.







Their comments are simple: Each product shows same color as what webpage image looks like. I think 3ce’s Jumbo lip crayon could be a nice choice for customer who wants a certain color with reasonable price.


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Last week, I’ve seen this propaganda at Stylenanda’s notice page (http://en.stylenanda.com). Maybe this would be a good news to all Hong Kong people. I.T, one of famous department store in Hong Kong city, had an opportunity to launch first Stylenanda’s flagship store in China. Stylenanda has posted this photo 4th october. I wanted to post with actual pohtograph but unfortunately, Stylenanda hadn’t posted about it yet, so I brought some news from korean newspaper. I will show you soon.


Anyway, let me introduce I.T to you; I.T is Hong Kong’s most famous multi-brand shopping mall located in various places. I.T describes itself : “I.T rides on a unique multi-brand, multi-layer business model that only proves to success: a multi-channel approach that caters specifically to well-defined groups of fashion lovers in targeted regions with distinct multi-brand stores and single-brand shops. Augmenting this diverse mix are respected brands from around the world that I.T licenses, and exclusively developed house brands.”

Here’s photograph of I.T’s interior took from wonderwall.com & the official photo from Stylenanda:



So they had the Launching party at 5th October, and many Chinese celebrities participated to congratulate start up.

As there were many Stylenanda lovers already in Hong Kong, thousands of people have visited at the day. There were lots of events which many fans have been looking forward to. Especially 3ce’s cosmetic wears were the hottest place. Make-up classes and advises captured future consumers.


20131016-0320131016-07 20131016-08 20131016-06

I hope to get more notice about I.T’s Stylenanda Flagship Store to introduce you.