STYLENANDA models 2 : Minhee Jung

This is my 2nd posting about Stylenanda’s model. Acutally I’m very excited to introduce you Minhee Jung, one of Stylenanda’s Impressive models. She has been working with Styelnanda for years and became a recognized icon of Stylenanda.


As this Online Fashion market grows faster, having a attractive model became the most important aspect of successful business. Minhee Jung has been a representative for long period, and we cannot ignore her assistance to Stylenanda.

Here I brought some of her photos which I love. Each of them shows Minhee Jung’s charming points.


She’s not a blue-eyed but she likes to wear blue contact lens. I think it is pretty cool and now it is one of her uniqueness.


Also her winks to the camera is her trademark. Minhee takes some cuts with winked face which I think it makes an awesome shoots.


She shows great aura with this basic combination of white round-neck and skinny jean. This was one of my best cut.


 kind a chinese dress fit dress. Impressive emotion i found in Minhee’s face in this photo.



Some of Stylenanda’s products have a punk style design. this Houndtouth pattern onepiece is also one of them. Minhee Jung with her glummy and chic face made her fashion style unique. This photograph is just awesome.


This is another cut that I appreciate. Minhee took this shot with very casual and high-teen fashion with vinny hat and sneakers. I bet this photograph may have called attention to many teens.


Yesterday I mentioned another Stylenanda’s Icon Sora Park. Both became the most influential model in Stylenanda and ALSO in this Online fashion shopping mall industry.


As far, we have seen a few photos of Minhee Park. You can check more photo of her in STYLENANDA ( Hope you enjoyed it.


Minhee Jung, STYLENANDA model.




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