Stylenanda 3ce 3 Concept Eyes : FRESH AQUA MIST

Nowadays having a Mist in your cosmetic pouch became a very common thing. It is one of most basic items for your pouch too. 3 Concept Eyes released Fresh Aqua Mist last year and it became a Steady-seller. You would be loved to have this mist with you:




This 3ce Fresh Aqua Mist is directly moisturizing your dried skin. it gets absorbed in lightly, without messing up your make-up without any stickiness. It contains mineral-rich glacial water and mixture of 6 underwater plant extracted, and moisturizes your skin and provide nutrition for healthier skin.   Get a smoother and healthier skin with 3 Concept Eyes Aqua Mist.




This one is mini sized version; It contains 30ml.




Hyuna Kim from 4 minute with 3ce Stylenanda : Burgundy make ups


Trouble maker was released last week in korea, bringing a heavy sensation to K-pop. 4 Minutes’ Hyuna and B2st’s Hyunseung united as Trouble Maker released a new single, Now. Their sexy concept collaboration was started last year with their first duo song : Trouble maker, and is being a huge issue in this season.

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While Hyuna was filming this music video, she used Stylenanda 3ce’s product for her make-up. Her pale face with burgundy lips and eyeshadow made her make up perfect for this season look. It is 3ce’s burgundy color lipstick and Eyeshadow: LIP COLOR #501 BELLA & ONE COLOR SHADOW #SATURN. We will check both items in this blog.


3ce describes it as an vampire burgundy; and this is a color which transform dull make up into a unique and chic make up.

20131105-04 20131105-05 20131105-06

Sora Park’s chic facial photographs look so gorgeous. We got two different type of make up here. Full cover or half cover; which draws a gradation from inside to outside of your lips. Both look great but it depends on what kind of make up you wish to do.

20131105-07 20131105-08

This eyeshadow One coloror shadow # Saturn, has strong color but when it is applied, gives a very smooth feeling on your eyes creating a very elegant mood.

20131105-09 20131105-10


Burgundy is getting hotter this season, and 3ce’s Lipstick #501 BELLA and ONE COLOR SHADOW # SATURN became a choice of Hyuna and other celebrities and fashionistas in Korea. It is your chance to get one to make your facial make up much colorful this year.

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Stylenanda 2013 F/W Recommended piece : Denim Sleeved Dress with Plaid Detail


Denim Sleeved Dress with Plaid Detail // Price : $ 62.53


Jiwon Kang is back. Last week Stylenanda has updated new items for this F/W 2013 season.  Today I brought brand-new unique mixed dress. It has vintage toned denim long sleeves and two type of plaid skirts finish above. Jiwon Kang coordinated with mickey style hat which created very cutie look, and I think she is a perfect model for this item. It is one color, one size item. Very unique.




This is how Stylenanda makes itself special and unique. Those two-tone mini flared skirts create a very cute atmosphere, very casual and also comfort fit. Jiwon Kang looks great with this casual style, and thick heel booties look so fine and great match up for this 2013 autumn.


We got more detailed photographs above. As it has multi clothes on sleeves and skirts, you might want to check precisely:



3ce lipsticks for 2013 F/W : Back to baby BB cream & Burgundy tone lipsticks


Halloween is over, but autumn and winter is already with us. Stylenanda has celebrated halloween with their item with autumn color. Deep red color lips and creamy toned skin make-up prepared by 3ce make warm tone atmosphere for cold season. 3ce has prepared 3ce back to baby BB cream, burnt red, vamp, fatal color lipsticks for this season. lets check each oh them.



This 3ce Back to baby BB Cream has SPF35 PA++ Grade sunblock quality, and as it is named: BACK TO BABY,  is famous with its pale and fair skin color. This blemish balm cream is promoted as an all-in-one cosmetic product for facial make-up, and can be used instead of serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock.  VERY famous in Korea.



As you can see, there is a difference between Glossing waterful Foundation. BB cream contains serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock all in one. So when you cream on your skin, it has more thick and colored texture than foundation. It is convenient to make up rapidly but obviously not much sophisticated as separated uses, but great enough to finish your make up!



 Stylenanda 3ce promotes Back to baby BB cream with 3 characteristic:

1. Baby skin vail system
2. Longlasting moisturizing Care
3. Crystal Shiny Texture




I brought 3 burgundy tone color lipsticks together. Displayed color may not be the correct one, so I brought 3 similar tone’s to give you a difference.