2014 F/W Seoul Fashion Week : See-through vs. Leather

2014 F/W Seoul Fashion Week introduces all kinds of alluring and seducing style you can imagine. Among all celebrities, you might notice two trends become mainstream to be sexy; See through vs. Leather. Which one is the best one for you?


1. See-through

Tiffany from SNSD  Tiffany from SNSD   

Yura from Girls day Sebin Myung

Hyojin Gong Bora from Tiara

Sohee Hwang  Jiho Kim



2. Leather

Hyori Lee   Yoonah OhSeowoo   Victoria from f(x)

Jia from Miss A  G.NA


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2014 F/W Seoul Fashion Week : Pattern vs. Print

Wanna give a tweak on your look? Here are some wise approaches by celebrities in 2014 F/W Seoul Fashion Week. Graphic patterns or artistic prints will give you good vibe. What would be your best one?

1. Pattern

Hyojin Gong Doona Bae

Minkyung Kang from Davichi Minkyung Kang from Davichi

Jiyeon from Tiara  Chungah Lee

Yoonah Oh  Hyomin from Tiara

2. Print

Somin So  Hyunah from 4minute

Dambi Sohn    JoanSojin from Girls day    Sinhye Hwang



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2014 F/W Seoul Fashion Week : Black&White vs. Pastel

2014 F/W Seoul Fashion Week is essential not only for designers preparing the next season but fashionista seeking for gorgeous look. Meeting our needs, thousands of celebrities unveil their fabulous style ever for the shining moment.

For those who have a lust for feminine look, celebrities shows different strategies; Black & White vs. Pastel color. What would be the best one for you?

 1. Black & White

Yeonsoo Oh Youngjin Lee

Sungryung Kim  Ivy

Yeryun Cha  Seulhye Hwangwoo

  Sungeun Kim   Dambi Sohn 


2. Pastel Color

Clara  Sungeun Kim 2

Minkyung Kang from Davichi  Jiyeon from Tiara

Sinhye Hwang   Jinhee Baik

Yuri Lee     Hyosung Jeon from Secret        

Yunah Kim from Jaurim


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Sweatshirts in Stylenanda : Fit your tastes

Have you noticed a transformation of sweatshirts on the street this spring? More than any other season, it is showcasing unique fabrics of sweatshirts, making over the standard one into the new to fit individual tastes.

As you expected, our wise friend, Stylenanda, also suggest brilliant re-creation of sweatshirts.


1. Frilled


Frilly Checkered Sweatshirt 


Lovely Frill Shirred Sweartshirt  

2. See-Through


Flower Ruffle See-Through Sweatshirt

3. Cushion


Blue-Toned Cushion Cropped Sweatshirt

4. Satin


Bi-Colored Cropped Satin Sweatshirt   





Stylenanda Hongdae Store : How to get there

Hello Stylenanda buddies! Recently I’ve heard complains from you like “It’s so hard to find Stylenanda’s Hongdae store. Its location is confused.”  “Holding a map, I spent about 1 hour from a subway station to the flagship store.”

Yes, that’s why I am standing here for you. For the sake of Stylenanda buddies, I will show you how to get to Stylenanda flagship store at Hongdae. The easiest way to get there is going by subway, so will present direction as I usually do.


1.  Come to Hongik Univ. Station at Line no. 2 or Airport Line.


2. Go to Exit no.9

20140322_174040  20140322_174454

3. There is KFC in front of the exit no.9. Don’t be tempted and go straight 70m up to the dead end.

*Since this Hongdae KFC is so famous among foreigners, you might meet your friends coming by bus.

20140322_174500  20140322_174502

4. At the dead end, there is a fork in the road(three-way intersection). It’s time to turn left!

20140322_174600  20140322_174611

5. As soon as turning left, you will see a slightly uphill way. Walk on the way 80m until you see Seven Eleven and Istanbul Kebab.

20140322_174638  20140322_174728

6. Go inside the road between the Seven Eleven and the Kebab and walk about 280m up to the cafe ‘La Main Douce’ on your left.

*You can enjoy cozy cafes and nice shopping places on the way though, dont’ forget to keep your eyes on the left.

20140322_174755  20140322_180915

7. If you find out the small cafe ‘ La Main Douce’, you are almost there! Passing by the cafe, turn left.


8. As soon as turning left, you will see a stylenanda billboard above. Keep walking 40m and enjoy the thrill of victory.

20140322_180938   20140322_180956

9. Yeah, now you are at Stylenanda Flagship store at Hongdae. Go and get all stuffs!




23, Wausan-ro 29da-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 마포구 와우산로29다길 23 (서교동)



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Blooming Like a Flower : Floral Print by Stylenanda

Floral print is a byword for female look. As spring is coming around the corner, floral-printed dresses and skirts pervading the street. Especially 2014 S/S season features more boldly printed one, such as a blooming flower.


Following the trend, lots of Korean celebs show various kinds of floral prints.

20140321_163804  5acd4cf7d2996b254feedb7153cc7165_1

Inspired by these beautiful artwork, I’d like to suggest some fabulous looks by Stylenanda.


1. Romantic 


Blue Green Bird Printed Flare Skirt

2. Chic


 Dazzling Flower Bra Top

 Floral Slim Pencil Skirt

3. Cute


High-Rise Feminine Shorts With Floral Prints





Kpop & Style : Soyou + Junggigo “Some”

Since February, Soyou x Juggigo’s collaboration song ‘Some’  hits the most of Korean music charts and never move off from top 5.  Despite of SDSN and 2NE1’s comeback,  they still keep their position thanks to easy-listening R&B style, romantic voices as well as a witty lyrics describing a confused feeling between a man and a woman. 20140320_140956

Korean newly-coined term ‘Some’ refers to status that ‘feels like a couple, but not assured each other’. So the lyrics depicts this relationship as ‘I seems like yours, not yours, and like yours’ and ‘You seems like mine, not mine, and like mine’. *Oh, is it your story? For those who are so confused in the same situation, an intriguing quiz named ‘Does he like me?’ would give you a ray of sunshine 🙂   By the way, I’d like to point out that Soyou’s made a nice shot for her fashion. Soyou from Sistar, one of famous Korean female idol, has mainly featured sexy style due to her group’s music performance.

    2013-01-27_01;09;34  2013-10-04_10;05;20 1377856763945_2013-06-12_133B513B05   20140320_1101112013-10-04_10;05;07 20140320_105907

Or sometimes she was trying to fit herself a cute style. She’s still cute though, her style was somewhat obsessed to be a girl. 20140320_110234  naver_com_20130127_005405 0  20140320_165008   20140320_110625   2013-01-27_00;55;07  20140320_110538

From her collaboration has started as a solo artist, however, it looks like that she-and her stylist-learns how to show her feminine charms in right ways. She is more than seductive regarding chic but charming mood for each songs.  soyou__sistar__png__render__by_gajmeditions-d6vtpgs  soyou__sistar__png__render__by_gajmeditions-d6vtoy9soyou__sistar__png__render__by_gajmeditions-d6vtq8i     4  2014031813443378353_1_59_201403190832022  20140320_163141 sddefault Soyou_SISTAR_Fashion

Front Buckled Corset Top

Soyou_SISTAR_Fashion Soyou_SISTAR_Fashion

High-Waist Flare Skirt


Shirring Long Flare Skirt


Vintage Washed Damaged Skinny Jeans 

Turning into greatness, her sexy and adorable style is worth to set a new benchmark for us. Since she uses various items from Stylenanda as you see above,  it’s easier to give it a shot.