How to Look Like CL in 2NE1 with Stylenanda

As confessed at the last posting ‘The Baddest and Deadest Female : 2NE1 CL’s fashion‘ , CL’s fashion style inspires me a lot. The thing is the most of her styles are kinda runway costumes. Now the mission is creating real-way looks inspired by CL.

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The benefit of STYLENANDA I think is making over diverse runway looks into great real way one. Pertaining CL’s fashion style, I’d like to suggest wise approaches to look like CL by Stylenanda.


1. Luxurious black and white

For a daily look, a mix of lace blouses and skirts brings the most sexiest and luxurious mood.  Additionally, black hologram shoes will highlight your look.


High Neck Lace Blouse

Lace Layered H-line Skirt


Black Hologram Shoes

 2. Bold Jewelry

Even one bold necklace or earring is appealing when it’s matching with a simple dress and makeup.



Feline Link Necklace


 Bejeweled Cross Earrings

3.  Print, print, print

a slim-waistband belt and a long skirt makes the strong print such a feminine artwork.


 Golden Beast Long Sleeved Blouse


Patch Boxy Sweatshirt

4. Multi-colored

Color blocks become more adorable with pastel colors.


Enamel Cushion Dress



 5. extraordinary see-through

If you think see-through costume is a bit of too much, try it on just some parts which is unexpected.


Leather Mesh Black Leggings 

Are you ready for the daily CL look? Come and get it at Stylenanda!




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