KKXX Snapback and Beanie : Stylenanda for Men

Have you known that you can buy a gift for a boyfriend or a brother in Stylenanda? Beyond your expectation, some of Stylenanda items are available for both genders. Especially when a total price is not over $200 for free shipping, this gift will help you go over $200.


Among various candidates, I’d like to recommend KKXX Snapback as No.1 item. Since KKXX snapback has been loved so much by stylish members of korean boy band like Jay Park, Yesung from SuperJunior, Joonhyung Yong from Beast, Baro from B1A4 and more, KKXX snapback will be very fashionable gift for male.

Jay Park_KKXX Stylenanda

Jay Park

Yesung from Super Junior_KKXX Stylenanda

Yesung from Super Junior

Haha Running man_KKXX Stylenanda

Singer Haha at Running man

Joonhyung Yong from Beast_KKXX Stylenanda

Joonhyung Yong from Beast

Baro from B1A4_KKXX Stylenanda

Baro from B1A4

 Jihoon Pyo, P.O from Block B_KKXX Stylenanda

Jihoon Pyo, a.k.a P.O,  from Block B

L.Joe from Teentop_KKXX Stylenanda

L.Joe from Teentop


Let’s check out what would be the best KKXX snapback for the present.

Studded KKXX Cap_KKXX Stylenanda

Studded KKXX Cap

KKXX Leather Snapback with Studs_KKXX Stylenanda

KKXX Leather Snapback with Studs 

KKXX Cone Studded Cap_KKXX Stylenanda

Basic KKXX Cap                                                 

KKXX Cone Studded Cap 

KKXX Poly Cap_KKXX Stylenanda

KKXX Poly Cap 

KKXX Hello Cap_KKXX Stylenanda

KKXX Hello Cap

If your boyfriend and brother already got the snapback above, a KKXX Beanie and headband woud be another nice gift as an all-around player for the special look.

Haha at Infinite Challenge_KKXX Stylenanda

Haha at Infinite Challenge

KKXX Hello Headband _KKXX Stylenanda

Mark from Got7

KKXX Printed Beanie_KKXX Stylenanda

KKXX Printed Beanie  

KKXX HELLO Beanie_KKXX Stylenanda


KKXX Knitted Forehead Band_KKXX Stylenanda

KKXX Knitted Forehead Band 

KKXX Hello Headband_KKXX Stylenanda

KKXX Hello Headband 



Style : Clara X Stylenanda

As a huge fan of Stylenanda, you may notice that Clara also love to wear Stylenanda’s clothing. Her active and dauntless character is perfectly matching with Stylenanda. Let’s sneak peak how Clara look gorgeous in various style by Stylenanda.


Distressed Dark Blue Denim Jacket 

Squared Check Unbalanced Skirt


Oversized KKXX Sweater Top


 Tube A-line Leather Dress


Exposed Shoulder Bodycon Dress


Bijou Flower Lovely Top

Bijou Flower Mini Skirt


Flower Laced Crop T-shirt


Pastel Cushion Crop Top With Dot Patterns




  Floral Textured Sleeveless Dress 




Bolder than Ever : Clara’s Fashion

Whether you like her or not, one cannot deny that Clara is one of rising stars among Korean actresses. Clara Lee, a.k.a Clara, is a Korean actress born in Switzerland. Her nationality is British and Korean. 

Clara Lee_Fashion

Not sure her bold character is originated from her youth abroad though, Clara’s opinions easily has been critized and gossiped among people. Due to discrepancies in her ex-boyfriend, yoga skills, favorite food and etc. in TV talk shows, she was censured. However Clara arised several dispute over it asserting her different cultural background thru her SNS and got more criticism. Consequently, her agency closed her all SNS accounts and she shed a tear at the interview later.

Clara Lee Fashion

Clara Lee_Fashion

Recently, Clara ran bearfoot on Myungdong street because she was late at her signing event about 30min. Some says that she did her best to make up her mistakes but the others think that it might be another showing off to drag people’s attraction.

Clara Lee_Fashion Clara Lee_Fashion 

No matter what happened, Clara has been always confident in herself even about controversal issues bringing more haters. She seems to be too honest to hide, whether a truth or a lie. I think that one of main factors which amplifies Clara’s feisty character is her audacious fashion style.

Clara Lee_Fashion

Clara’s fashion always seems to provoke  intensive feeling from men and women.  Some would praise her dauntless fashion and straightforward attitude and the others hate it. One thing for sure is that she is the brand-new female actress we’ve never met in Korea.

Clara Lee_Fashion

The first and the most impressive imprint she made to the public is leggings outfit at the opening ceremony of a baseball game in 2013.  As still mentioned no.1 out of throwing the first ball, Clara’s daring and acitve character seems to be revealed in a outstanding way.

Clara Lee_Fashion Clara Lee_Fashion 

Clara Lee_Fashion

Propelled by sensational outfit as a pitcher, Clara’s sexy images has been created thru various media.

Clara Lee_Fashion  

Clara Lee_Fashion


Clara Lee_Fashion

Clara Lee_FashionClara Lee_Fashion

    Clara Lee_Fashion Clara Lee_Fashion

Clara Lee_Fashion

Highliting her bodyline seems like her main strategy to look healthy and attractive. She also interviewed that she wants to appeal her sexy mood since each age has its own charming point. Regarding her fashion at least, her approah seems to be clever because even hater can’t criticize her perfect bodyline.   

Clara Lee_Fashion Clara Lee_Fashion

Clara Lee_Fashion

Clara Lee_Fashion

 Clara Lee_Fashion Clara Lee_Fashion

   Clara Lee_Fashion    Clara Lee_Fashion  

But Clara’s attractiveness does not confine within a sexy icon. She fairly has a charming and cute face having endless possibility in diverse styling and makeup. 

Clara Lee_Fashion Clara Lee_Fashion Clara Lee_FashionClara Lee_Fashion

Clara Lee_Fashion  Clara Lee_Fashion 

Clara Lee_Fashion

Clara Lee_Fashion

Clara Lee_Fashion

Clara Lee_Fashion  

Furthermore, Clara’s dream goes beyond a boundary of an actress. She featured in several songs for House Rulez, one of major electro-pop musician in Korea.  She also donated for breast cancer patiants and university students.

Clara Lee

In her interview, she wish to write a book about health and be a great fashionista regarding makeup, hair and acc. Can you imagine her near future? I’d rather wish her best luck.

Next Post : Clara X Stylenanda




2014 F/W Seoul Fashion Week : See-through vs. Leather

2014 F/W Seoul Fashion Week introduces all kinds of alluring and seducing style you can imagine. Among all celebrities, you might notice two trends become mainstream to be sexy; See through vs. Leather. Which one is the best one for you?


1. See-through

Tiffany from SNSD  Tiffany from SNSD   

Yura from Girls day Sebin Myung

Hyojin Gong Bora from Tiara

Sohee Hwang  Jiho Kim



2. Leather

Hyori Lee   Yoonah OhSeowoo   Victoria from f(x)

Jia from Miss A  G.NA


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2014 F/W Seoul Fashion Week : Pattern vs. Print

Wanna give a tweak on your look? Here are some wise approaches by celebrities in 2014 F/W Seoul Fashion Week. Graphic patterns or artistic prints will give you good vibe. What would be your best one?

1. Pattern

Hyojin Gong Doona Bae

Minkyung Kang from Davichi Minkyung Kang from Davichi

Jiyeon from Tiara  Chungah Lee

Yoonah Oh  Hyomin from Tiara

2. Print

Somin So  Hyunah from 4minute

Dambi Sohn    JoanSojin from Girls day    Sinhye Hwang



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2014 F/W Seoul Fashion Week : Black&White vs. Pastel

2014 F/W Seoul Fashion Week is essential not only for designers preparing the next season but fashionista seeking for gorgeous look. Meeting our needs, thousands of celebrities unveil their fabulous style ever for the shining moment.

For those who have a lust for feminine look, celebrities shows different strategies; Black & White vs. Pastel color. What would be the best one for you?

 1. Black & White

Yeonsoo Oh Youngjin Lee

Sungryung Kim  Ivy

Yeryun Cha  Seulhye Hwangwoo

  Sungeun Kim   Dambi Sohn 


2. Pastel Color

Clara  Sungeun Kim 2

Minkyung Kang from Davichi  Jiyeon from Tiara

Sinhye Hwang   Jinhee Baik

Yuri Lee     Hyosung Jeon from Secret        

Yunah Kim from Jaurim


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