Headband and Hair Style : Sua Gong

Sua Gong presented cute headband & hair style in Stylenanda. Decorated in stripe, flower and paisley, a headband is a magic item that change the whole look in a second.

Don’t you think that cute Headbands is needed to prepare a hot season? Check it out for summer looks!


1. Stripe Headband + Curly Uphair

Stripe Headband + Curly Uphair_Headband and Hair Style_Stylenanda_Sua Gong

Color Stripe Headband  

2. Flower Headband + Long hair

Flower Headband + Long hair_Headband and Hair Style_Stylenanda_Sua Gong

White Flower Headband  

3. Embroidery Headband + Braided hair

Embroidery Headband + Braided hair_Headband and Hair Style_Stylenanda_Sua Gong

Wide Floral Embroidery Headband 

4. Floral Head Band + Curly long hair

Floral Head Band + Curly long hair_Headband and Hair Style_Stylenanda_Sua Gong

Feminine Floral Head Band  

5. Paisley Headband + Uphair

Paisley Headband + Uphair_Headband and Hair Style_Stylenanda_Sua Gong

Paisley Wire Headband

6. Leather Head Band + Side Parting

Paisley Headband + Uphair_Headband and Hair Style_Stylenanda_Sua Gong

Leather Round Head Band  


Neoprene Looks : Need for Uniqueness

Since Songyi Cheon showed Neoprene looks from the drama You Who Came From the Stars, Neoprene clothes seems to be a must-have item for fashionista. Personally, her statue wearing a neoprene skirt in deep blue at every Paris Baquette stores looks so lovely. Besides, CL, 4Munite and Victoria wear eye catching Neoprene/cushion sweatshirts.

 Songyi Cheon_Neoprene LookSongyi Cheon_Neoprene Look

Jeon Jihyun_Paris_baquette_Neoprene Look

Victoria_Neoprene Look CL 2NE1_Neoprene Look 4MINUTE_Neoprene Look

Neoprene fabrics is a sort of synthetic rubber widely used for aquatics. Due to its resilience and durability, neoprene is loved by designers seeking uniqueness such as Balenciaga, Pierre Cardin, Givenchy, Comme de Garcon and Vera Wang.

Neoprene Look_Clothes Neoprene Look_Clothes Neoprene Look_Clothes Neoprene Look_Clothes

 Neoprene Look_Clothes Neoprene Look_Clothes Neoprene Look_Clothes Neoprene Look_Clothes

Stylenanda also features fashionable but wearable outfits for neoprene looks. Let’s find out edgy pieces of neoprene clothing by Stylenanda.

Neoprene Look_Clothes

High-Waist Flare Skirt

Neoprene Look_Clothes

Neoprene Flare Mini Skirt 

Neoprene Look_Clothes

Cushion Cropped Top With Zippered Sleeves

Pastel Toned Frilly Cushion Skirt

Neoprene Look_Clothes

Bi-Colored See-Through Cushion Dress

Neoprene Look_Clothes

Neoprene Colored Rider Jacket

Cushion Frilly Flare Sleeveless Dress

Neoprene Look_Clothes

Pastel Cushion Crop Top With Dot Patterns

Pastel Cushion Frilly Skirt With Dot Patterns

Neoprene Look_Clothes

Cushion Round-Neck Ruffled T-Shirt

Neoprene Look_Clothes

Frill Pastel Colored Cushion T-Shirt 

Neoprene Look_Clothes

See-Through Mesh Cushion Crop Top 

Colorful Cushion Ruffled Mini Flare Skirt


Obsessed with Chunky Heels in Stylenanda

I remember when I fell in love with chunky heels. Encountered the big picture of Sora Park at Stylenanda offline store at the beginnnig of this spring, I was so fascinated by her shiny and bright chunky heel as well as pink mood. I believed this isn’t only my story but many Stylenanda lovers’.

Chunky Heels in Stylenanda

Chunky heels is located in between stiletto heels and wedge heels. Consequently, it’s the most comfortable heel in the world. Furthermore,chunky heels has its own atmosphere emphasizing all the moods; chic, romantic, sexy or whatever. 

Chunky Heels Chunky Heels  Chunky Heels

Especially those who is longing for distinctive look, chunky heels would be one of the best option to pick out. So how can I resist myself craving for? Among all Chunky heels in Stylenanda, let me show you what is the most alluring ones for me.

Pointed Hologram Pumps

Pointed Hologram Pumps

BARCLAY-WHITE by Jeffrey Campbell

BARCLAY-WHITE by Jeffrey Campbell

BARCLAY-PINK PAT/WHITE by Jeffrey Campbell

BARCLAY-PINK PAT/WHITE by Jeffrey Campbell    

Basic Open Toe Zippered Ankle Boots

Basic Open Toe Zippered Ankle Boots 

Bi-Colored Slim Cut Heels

Bi-Colored Slim Cut Heels

Bi-Colored Slim Cut Heels   


 QUEBEC-BROWNWRINKLE by Jeffrey Campbell 





SHOOP-WHITE by Jeffrey Campbell

SHOOP-WHITE by Jeffrey Campbell 

Round Toe-Cap Enamel Shoes

Round Toe-Cap Enamel Shoes     




Sweatshirts in Stylenanda : Fit your tastes

Have you noticed a transformation of sweatshirts on the street this spring? More than any other season, it is showcasing unique fabrics of sweatshirts, making over the standard one into the new to fit individual tastes.

As you expected, our wise friend, Stylenanda, also suggest brilliant re-creation of sweatshirts.


1. Frilled


Frilly Checkered Sweatshirt 


Lovely Frill Shirred Sweartshirt  

2. See-Through


Flower Ruffle See-Through Sweatshirt

3. Cushion


Blue-Toned Cushion Cropped Sweatshirt

4. Satin


Bi-Colored Cropped Satin Sweatshirt   





Blooming Like a Flower : Floral Print by Stylenanda

Floral print is a byword for female look. As spring is coming around the corner, floral-printed dresses and skirts pervading the street. Especially 2014 S/S season features more boldly printed one, such as a blooming flower.


Following the trend, lots of Korean celebs show various kinds of floral prints.

20140321_163804  5acd4cf7d2996b254feedb7153cc7165_1

Inspired by these beautiful artwork, I’d like to suggest some fabulous looks by Stylenanda.


1. Romantic 


Blue Green Bird Printed Flare Skirt

2. Chic


 Dazzling Flower Bra Top

 Floral Slim Pencil Skirt

3. Cute


High-Rise Feminine Shorts With Floral Prints