Temptation of Metal : Metallic Shoes

Inspired by 2014 S/S fashion trend, metallic shoes are fascinating us for the coming of summer. Metallic shoes are optimized to feature glam/metallic look as well as a cool mood. Here are some latest and trendy summer shoes suggested by Stylenanda models.

Metallic shoes_stylenanda_metallic_glam_look

Pointed Toe Ankle Strap Heels

Metallic shoes_stylenanda_metallic_glam_look

Simple Lined Heels with Ankle Strap

Metallic shoes_stylenanda_metallic_glam_look

Buckled Ankle Chic Cut-Out Shoes

Metallic shoes_stylenanda_metallic_glam_look

Islet Punched Pointy Toe Heels

Metallic shoes_stylenanda_metallic_glam_look

Silver Buckled T-Strap Sandals

Metallic shoes_stylenanda_metallic_glam_look

Hologram Buckled Sandal Heels

Metallic shoes_stylenanda_metallic_glam_look

Double Strap Sandals with Buckled Ankles

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All in Denim : New Ways to Wear Denim

Spring breeze is telling you a secret of the season; “All in Denim”. I know that you already have skinny jeans,  shorts,  jackets or etc. You have probably worn tons of denim items up to now. But a new season deserves new looks. Now it’s time to meet your old friend, denim, in new ways.


1. Overalls

Old school is back. For the girls wants to be trendy, a pair of denim overalls is a must-have one making you bragged. Try it girly with sneakers or slip-ons.


Distressed Denim Overalls


2. High-Waist Long Skirt

Long denim skirts will lead you feminine style with a pinch of funk.


Buttoned Denim High-Waist Suspender Skirt


3. Boxy Jacket

Sportism, one of 2014 S/S trends, is fulfilled by the denim boxy jacket. Don’t forget to wear a pair of slacks to keep it chic.


Two-buttoned Boxy Printing Denim Jacket

4. Mini Dress

A double-denim look becomes sophisticated when it comes with contrast shading. If you want to mix with other fabrics, white would be the best color.

Blue Denim Dress


5. Slide-Slit Long Shirt

If you are looking for elegance, the answer is softly waving denim shirts. Perfect for a spring picnic.


Side-Slit Denim Long Button-Up Shirt Dress


6. Striped Jacket

A common denim jacket can be transformed by adding stripes. Especially thin stripes as below brings activeness to your look.


Striped Denim Jacket


7. Baggy Pants

Relax yourself with baggy pants. Loose-fit shirts is good to go with it for a boyfriend look. It will hide chubby spots and make you look slimmer.


Deep Blue Denim Baggy Pants