Neoprene Looks : Need for Uniqueness

Since Songyi Cheon showed Neoprene looks from the drama You Who Came From the Stars, Neoprene clothes seems to be a must-have item for fashionista. Personally, her statue wearing a neoprene skirt in deep blue at every Paris Baquette stores looks so lovely. Besides, CL, 4Munite and Victoria wear eye catching Neoprene/cushion sweatshirts.

 Songyi Cheon_Neoprene LookSongyi Cheon_Neoprene Look

Jeon Jihyun_Paris_baquette_Neoprene Look

Victoria_Neoprene Look CL 2NE1_Neoprene Look 4MINUTE_Neoprene Look

Neoprene fabrics is a sort of synthetic rubber widely used for aquatics. Due to its resilience and durability, neoprene is loved by designers seeking uniqueness such as Balenciaga, Pierre Cardin, Givenchy, Comme de Garcon and Vera Wang.

Neoprene Look_Clothes Neoprene Look_Clothes Neoprene Look_Clothes Neoprene Look_Clothes

 Neoprene Look_Clothes Neoprene Look_Clothes Neoprene Look_Clothes Neoprene Look_Clothes

Stylenanda also features fashionable but wearable outfits for neoprene looks. Let’s find out edgy pieces of neoprene clothing by Stylenanda.

Neoprene Look_Clothes

High-Waist Flare Skirt

Neoprene Look_Clothes

Neoprene Flare Mini Skirt 

Neoprene Look_Clothes

Cushion Cropped Top With Zippered Sleeves

Pastel Toned Frilly Cushion Skirt

Neoprene Look_Clothes

Bi-Colored See-Through Cushion Dress

Neoprene Look_Clothes

Neoprene Colored Rider Jacket

Cushion Frilly Flare Sleeveless Dress

Neoprene Look_Clothes

Pastel Cushion Crop Top With Dot Patterns

Pastel Cushion Frilly Skirt With Dot Patterns

Neoprene Look_Clothes

Cushion Round-Neck Ruffled T-Shirt

Neoprene Look_Clothes

Frill Pastel Colored Cushion T-Shirt 

Neoprene Look_Clothes

See-Through Mesh Cushion Crop Top 

Colorful Cushion Ruffled Mini Flare Skirt


4MINUTE’s Fashion Styling with Stylenanda

According to previous posting, we’ve learned how 4MINUTE has successfully shifted to bouncing girls for their recent album “4MINUTE WORLD”. What is the next step after learning? Yeah, that’s right. Let’s try on 4MINUTE-like look with Stylenanda.

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1. Overall : Glitter look

Stylenanda_Sporty Colored Pencil Skirt Sporty Colored Pencil Skirt 

Stylenanda_Pearl Shining Back Zip Sweatshirt

Pearl Shining Back Zip Sweatshirt 

 Stylenanda_Cropped Sweatshirt With Shining Circle

Cropped Sweatshirt With Shining Circle

2. Hyun-a :  Boxy sweatshirts and shorts

Stylenanda_Blue-Toned Cushion Cropped Sweatshirt

Blue-Toned Cushion Cropped Sweatshirt  

Light Colored High-Waist Shorts   

Stylenanda_High Low Round Neck T-Shirt

High Low Round Neck T-Shirt

Stylenanda_Colored High-waisted Leather Shorts

Colored High-waisted Leather Shorts

3. Ji-hyun : Floral print

Stylenanda_Dazzling Flower Bra Top_Floral Slim Pencil Skirt

Dazzling Flower Bra Top

  Floral Slim Pencil Skirt

Stylenanda_High-Rise Feminine Shorts With Floral Prints

High-Rise Feminine Shorts With Floral Prints 

4. Ji-yoon : See-through tops with big lettering

Stylenanda_KKXX Meshed Sleeveless Dress

KKXX Meshed Sleeveless Dress

5. So-hyun : Cropped tops and flare skirts

Stylenanda_Pastel Cushion Rolled-Up Crop Shirt_Slim Waist Ruffle Skirt

Pastel Cushion Rolled-Up Crop Shirt

Slim Waist Ruffle Skirt    

6. Ga-yoon : Long-slit & layered top and skinny jeans/leggings

Stylenanda_Black Cropped Layered Blouse

Black Cropped Layered Blouse

Stylenanda_Sleek Leather Leggings

Sleek Leather Leggings


Kpop & Style : 4MINUTE “Whatcha Doin’ Today”

4Minute hit the floor!  They grabbed a winner trophy last Sunday in a music program even when a chart is dominated by SNSD and 2NE1. Formed in 2009,  4Minute has made their own broad and level road with making series of hit songs like Hot issue, Muzik, Volume up, What’s your name and more. Their new album ‘4minute world’ released on Mar.17 has made one more hit song ‘Whatcha Doin’ Today’ for the series within two weeks. 4MINUTE Against all expectation about sexuality prior to the official music video was disclosed, overall concept of the song is more of bouncing and girly mood. Keeping their attractiveness, their fashion style has been transformed from female warriors to highly spirited girls. Especially for this comeback, Ga-yoon Heo, one of 4Minute members, performed as a visual director for new fashion styling.  Let’s sneak a peek at the main points of their fashion.   1. Overall : Glitter look 4MINUTE  "Whatcha doing today" Glitter look is one of trend in 2014 s/s season. Metallic fabrics can keep you sexy in minimal design. They show how the glitter look is able to be lovely and attractive.   2. Hyun-a : Boxy sweatshirts and shorts Despite of low heights(164cm), she covers her weakness with boxy sweatshirts and shorts. Her black hair and red lips also draw attention to her face as much as you don’t even notice about her height. 4minute_hyuna hyuna Hyuna   3. Ji-hyun : Floral print Maximizing her femininity, she frequently wear floral-printed tops and dresses more than other members. 4MINUTE_Jihyun 4MINUTE_Jihyun 4MINUTE_Jihyun   4. Ji-yoon : See-through tops with big lettering Shifting from a tomboy to a girl, she made a good use of see-through tops with long hair and puppy-eye makeup. But she still keeps active and sporty mood due to big lettering.  4MINUTE_Jiyoon 4MINUTE_Jiyoon 4MINUTE_Jiyoon   5. So-hyun : Cropped tops and flare skirts As a youngest and cutest member, she always wear cropped tops and flare skirts. Take a note how she keep her sexiness with a suspender on her tops. 4MINUTE_Sohyun 4MINUTE_Sohyun 4MINUTE_Sohyun 6. Ga-yoon : Long-slit & layered top and skinny jeans/leggings Her skinny body can be an advantage or vice versa. Eliminating her disadvantage, she uses long-slit and layered tops to cover her weak curves and skinny jeans or leggings to accentuate thin legs. 4MINUTE_Gayoon 4MINUTE_Gayoon 4MINUTE_Gayoon   * Check out nice Stylenanda outfit inspired by 4MINUTE! Next Post : Make your 4MINUTE looks with Stylenanda >   top_logo